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Young People Have Lived Through More Market Downturns Than Any Other Generation In History

market downturns

Has the generation of 35 year olds and younger actually never experienced a market downturns? We know that the 2009 – 2020 performance of the stock market was the single longest bull market in history. The trailing 10 year performance of the S&P 500 from today is approximately 265%. By numerous methods of evaluation, you […]

What is Risk and Return 2022

What is Risk and Return?

Risk and Return Risk and return in investing are highly interrelated. Increasing potential investment gains are typically accompanied by increased risk. Different sorts of hazards include project-specific, industry-specific, competitive, international, and market risks. “Return refers to the profits or losses generated through trading a security. The return on an investment is expressed as a percentage […]

Stocks Archegos Capital Management Gamble

Stocks Archegos Capital Management Gamble

Who Is Archegos Fund Manager Bill Hwang? Tiger Asia’s billionaire founder, a protégé of hedge fund tycoon Julian Robertson, is charged with securities fraud and racketeering. On Wednesday, Bill Hwang, the founder of Archegos Capital Management, and Patrick Halligan, the company’s chief financial officer, were indicted on securities fraud and racketeering charges for what prosecutors […]

How did you get into investing

How did you get into investing whalegrows

Introduction to Investing Many people, just like you, look to the stock market to help them buy a home, send their children to college, or save for retirement. However, unlike deposits in banks, which are insured by the federal government, the value of stocks, bonds, and other assets changes with market conditions. No one can […]