Securespend – Don’t use this card!

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This is why I can no longer recommend you purchase a Securespend prepaid debit card or gift card.

Securespend terrible customer service

When I called their customer care representative phone number, unfortunately the phone number connects you to a person in India that is working on a farm. I kid you not!. I heard the roosters crowing. Now it took me literally over 40 minutes calling these people for anyone to answer the phone. I was on the phone with them for literally over an hour. almost two hours to be precise.

Can’t log in to Securespend website

Unfortunately I could not log in until the day after I purchased this card. their website would not let me log in at all. it kept saying there was an error, a server error blah blah. so I couldn’t even check the balance.

How Securespend scam works

After that, there were two transactions from Walmart that I didn’t authorize or know about.So as soon as I saw this, I immediately called them. It took me three hours waiting on hold for a person to actually pick up the phone. and the thing is we had to keep calling back. the first time the phone was picked up. It was just a bunch of noise. and we waited for like 10-15 minutes for someone to get on the phone and nothing. The second time I sat there I called the phone number and waited,a little kid picked up the phone and was playing and running around with the phone. No one ever came to the phone. Other than that child having it in their hands. the third time after I’m already pissed off, because I’m trying to get a hold of these people and they only have two ways. you either write them or you call them. 

After Walmart two transactions. I was down to Fifteen dollars and five cents. now remember these are not our charges. so I finally got a hold of them. Now the woman on the phone who I could barely understand because she’s in India told me I had to call Walmart, dispute the charges and see if they would cancel these charges on my card.

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I was surprised after this

Now I got a hold of Walmart. told me the woman at Walmart, a very nice lady tried helping all she could.  the woman at Walmart told me she looked it up in their system. My card number is not in their system at all. My card has never been used at Walmart

Here’s what the woman from Walmart told me. She goes, the only thing she can figure is somebody was using a card at Walmart, and on secure spends end they put that transaction on my card because that did not come from Walmart. They do not have any record of my card number ever being used at Walmart.

Securespend walmart scam

Securespend is big Indian scam!

Two more transactions which is $79.96 and $13.94 are waiting to go through being charged on my card, Because securespend one they’re apparently running some type of scam because the woman I called there were two people a man and a woman the man was there during the day early morning and a woman with the same woman at night. She told me she’s at home and they live on Farm.

So I believe this is some type of scam. I believe secure spend knows it’s a scam. Because most people are not going to wait on the phone literally for two to three hours trying to get a hold of somebody in India. most people will just give up and it’ll be your money’s gone. Think about that. Because secure spending allows somebody else to use the numbers from my card. Because they’re allowing someone else’s purchases to come off of my card. we may not see our money back. Walmart cannot return money to a card that is not on their system. They’ve already told me that.

Indian scam call centers

India thinks that with all the scam call centers they’re using secure Spenders using a farmhouse in India to take care of their problems.

So I really think secure spend is working with Indian scammers. it’s the only thing I can think of. because no one had our card number. We had just purchased the card. we’d only use the card to pay our internet and two medical bills. The day we paid the medical bills was the first transaction from Walmart. Then a second transaction from Walmart. then another transaction from Walmart.

I think secure spend is allowing scammers access to our card numbers. Do not buy these cards, do not trust these cards, do not waste your money on these cards. because almost $200 is gone from my card!

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