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What is lease violation fee?

Now as you know tenants often violate the lease. There are rules and regulations involved with it and I’ll just give you an example. Noise restriction. you know a lot of times in our leases, we put a restriction on noise where people have to be able to keep the volume down and so forth especially when it becomes some multifamily building and it’s more or less a community living type environment. Their restrictions on when they can when they have to keep their TVs or anything down to a very bare minimum. So if people violate that and you have to actually go cite them then they violated the lease.

What happen when violate the lease

Now when they do that it’s not like we want to go back and completely punish these people. But they need to pay for something they need. They need to pay a price in order to just not be able to do it again. If there’s no penalty, if they’re nothing’s gonna happen to them. then they will keep doing it, because they know nothing’s gonna happen to them. So if you charge them, charge about a certain fee whatever that particular fee is. The lease violation fee is around 30 to 50 dollars.

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But still it’s good enough to have them pay, so that they don’t do it again knowing that if they do it again they’re gonna pay another fee, and that’s what’s going through their mind likewise.

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Violation notice

When you do lease violations, you need to make sure that you send them a violation notice, because you always want to make sure that  you send them a violation notice because the violation notice puts them on notice that they have broken the lease. so if this person becomes a problem and you’ve cited them three four or five times with different lease violations, then when you go to court you can use that as another mechanism to get them out, even if they are paying their rent. because it continued to violate the lease and you can document that with your paperwork.

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