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In this post i’ll explain to you about how to make money from Craigslist Portland. We are promoting CPA offers from max bounty and we do promotions on Craigslist. In this example, I’m promoting job offer. So all you need to do is create a account on maxbounty and select job offer from there. There are ton of offers from different companies like McDonalds, Starbucks, KFC etc. In this example I will use KFC. If someone added their email, name and mobile number to the offer we’re promoting , we can earn about $3!

Craigslist advertisement

So you want to do is, you’re gonna want to have a job ad on craigslist. So my ad will read like this.

“Immediate openings and KFC. eighteen to twenty-five dollars an hour. KFC is one of the world’s most recognized brands and one of America’s leading fast food shops. We are looking for five to seven people with excellent customer service skills.” I put it five to seven people because you kind of put a little bit of scarcity in there. “no previous experience necessary. please email us for more details if interested do not contact us with unsolicited services. only serious inquiries need it to respond.”

so basically what’s going to happen is, they’re gonna see that ad and then if they’re interested, they’re going to actually reply to your email and then you’re going to respond back to them once they’ve actually emailed you. and there’s two full reasons why you’re going to do that. 

  • You want to make sure that they’re very interested in the actual offer.
  • If you’re going to be promoting this particular offer over and over and over and over in multiple multiple cities, you don’t want Craigslist to actually see this. I guess this landing page and then they see like okay, well this is just a marketer or an affiliate marketer and they’re posting all over the place. 

So that’s why you don’t really want to have that in the actual ad posting. you want to just reply with that so it’s in an email and I’m gonna show you exactly what you do when you reply to the email.

So essentially you have your ad there, now this particular ad is targeted to people in Portland. KFC Portland.

So all we’re doing is we’re helping KFC out, KFC wants leads right? that’s why KFC is on max bounty. KFC won’t wants qualified leads and we’re going to bring them qualified leads. we’re just getting them from Craigslist Portland. 

Portland Craigslist - Make Money Online

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Response E-mail

So I’ve said please email us if you need more details and you’re interested. so then I go ahead and then I would craft my response which I’ve already done. so in my response I say I hope you guys can kind of read this say 

“Hi. thank you for contacting us. we apologize for the delay in getting back to you as we’ve been swamped with emails. we’re looking for people who are energized and will be passionate about targets missions and values. we offer competitive paying flexible working hours in order to verify your suitability for the roles available. we ask that you get started with the application process once you have been completed once you have completed the initial application someone from our team will be reaching out to you if you are selected. thanks’

This is where you put your Max bounty affiliate link and then people would click on that max bounty link your actual affiliate link through max bounty and then they’re gonna put in their information and then you’re gonna make two dollars and 40 cents per lead!

We’re not selling product, so its easy

But I wanted to kind of show you guys this from a CPA perspective because the people actually had to buy something to kind of get into that company. with this they don’t have to buy anything all they have to do is enter in like their information and then you can get paid.

So you would just basically respond back to all of the people that are responding to you. And people are currently doing this. I mean there’s people that have gotten so involved in this particular method that they’ve hired VA’S and that’s all they do is they post jobs, reply to jobs. Post off your jobs and they find these unique CPA offers that would be congruent and would make sense for whatever category that they’re posting on actual Craigslist. So there’s tons of categories in here you could really get creative.

You need to be creative

Actually if you can find some CPA offers that you can put in the gig session. you can find like maybe some creative CPA offers and post it in there.. so it just depends on the offer and what the author is saying. but I just wanted to give you guys an example of what you can use with Craigslist because there’s a ton of traffic here already and you could just utilize these CPA offers to basically maximize your revenue and not even have to have that person buy anything, but they’re just submitting their information for more information and you’re helping out the company. So I’m helping target find employees in Portland. so everybody wins I get my little two dollars and 40 cents, they get employees. so you can do this over and over and over again.

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