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You can login to Pointclickcare by using this link.. Read my article about how started if you’re interested

What is pointclickcare?

so one of the lesser known features of obamacare, the affordable care act is that, it really did promote a shift to going to electronic medical records. and one of the lesser known provisions of that actually made money available for health care institutions to shift over to medical records. The idea behind this is that it would increase the portability of data, it would eliminate some errors that occurred because of illegible and incomplete records and, as you know, should streamline the process and encourage best care practices and so forth.


So as time has gone on since Obamacare was passed a decade plus ago, more and more nursing home chains have moved to electronic medical records. and one of the leading platforms that we see the leading applications if you will is a program called point click care.

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Electronic medical records

Now one of the things that’s important to know about electronic medical records is that, when we get copies of medical records that come in, typically they’re delivered to us as a pdf. These are very different from what the staff actually sees. and Understanding what the staff actually sees, how they interact with the software and some of the information that is not  readily apparent from the printouts of the medical records is something that’s really important. because there is a lot of opportunity for missed information which can make a real difference in the outcome of a nursing home abuse and neglect case.

This is why when you are looking at hiring an attorney to take on a nursing home abuse and neglect case, you want to hire somebody who has handled a lot of these cases because they really do understand how these platforms work. and it makes a difference in the kinds of outcomes that you get.

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