PO Box 96065 Pittsburgh PA

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From my research, I didn’t find any location or details about this address. Google map doesn’t have any location pin for this address. But after I checked on pa.postcodebase.com, I got this address. But don’t know this is the correct address or not.


How to get the ownership information that is using a po box or a post office box

So the reason for possibly needing the identity or the location of a party using a po box is, many times a fraudster or a defendant or a debtor can hide behind using a po box. so you don’t know their actual physical location. you don’t know where they’re living. The most important thing you need to know for things like service of process or maybe sending certified letters is, where the person puts their head down at night, where they sleep at night. obviously you don’t sleep in a po box.

Now make sure when you’re using any of these methods that you’re using them legally to get good legal advice about when you can and can’t do some of these things. not every method can be used in every case there’s privacy laws, there’s all kinds of laws in even your state that may apply to this. so make sure you get good legal advice from an attorney before you start taking action about discovering private information on an individual or corporation.

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Three methods

  • File a form with the postmaster in the jurisdiction where the post office is being held.
  • Mail to the post office box a tracking device
  • Send a warranty card

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