PO Box 79043 St Louis MO

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From my research I found “PO Box 79043 St Louis MO” is on “231 S Bemiston Ave Ste 850, St. Louis, MO” location. Unfortunately I can’t verify this information and couldn’t find the owner of it. You can contact USPS for more updated and correct information

Alternative to a PO box

Now as an alternative to reserving a PO box, a better alternative which I recommend is signing up for something called a virtual mailbox. Virtual mailbox is much cheaper. It starts at $6.99. but usually $10 a month and they’ll let you receive like I think up to 30 letters and they’ll open and scan the mail for you and. Basically what it is is if you drive around town there’s a bunch of these post-office shipping stations, unlike mail box etc or post snap. so they operate these virtual boxes and it is similar to a PO box but it is not operated by the USPS. so it’s more like a private-sector kind of virtual mailbox. it’s much cheaper and the good thing about that is, you don’t have to ever go get your mail. they’ll scan your mail for you. they’ll be able to forward the mail to you if you really want a copy of it. then after you scan your mail if you don’t want them to keep it or forward it to you, you can just tell them to go ahead and throw it away or they can shred it for you.

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I think the virtual mailbox is a much better feature or a much better option because, you know it goes anywhere and you can have it in any state over a post office box you sort of have to be near the post office box where it should be convenient. because if you move to a different state then you’re gonna have to get a new post office box in that state. a virtual mailbox is another alternative .

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