PO Box 6184 Westerville Ohio

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From my research I found “PO Box 6184 Westerville Ohio” owned by Chase bank, Westerville, OH 43086.

How to get UPS & FedEx to Deliver to a PO Box

A lot of people don’t realize that fedex and ups will indeed ship to a po box. they don’t have a problem doing it. it’s not that they won’t ship, they can’t. because they don’t know where specifically that post office box is. The post office knows exactly where it is. because all they have to do is correlate the box number with the zip code.

ups and fedex have difficulty in that area because they don’t know which specific post office they’re looking for if a package has to go to that post office. In some towns you have more than one post office.so they’re like, which one? you want us to guess? they don’t want to guess. They want a physical address and so the way around this for those of you who have a p.o box and have run into this problem or maybe you want to send something to someone to their post office box and you don’t know how to do it properly all they need is the actual physical address of that specific post office box.

Chase bank PO Box 6184 Westerville OH

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So in my case for po box 1792 Lithonia Georgia 30058. So we take the po off, take the post office box off of that title and put the address of the physical post office itself. which in my case is 3035 stone mountain street. That’s the particular post office that that box is in. so instead of po box 1792 you put, 3035 stone mountain street #1792. like it’s going to an apartment ups and fedex have no problem with that. They will accept that as an address they will deliver it to that post office even if it’s something that has to be signed for, the receiving clerk in the post office will sign for it. i’ve never had a problem with that. They know that when something comes to that post office from fedex or ups and it has a number, a hashtag number, that means it’s for a p.o box.

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