Who owns PO Box 25759 in Greenville, SC?

Who owns PO Box 25759 in Greenville, SC?

Our research showed that the Greenville, South Carolina, address PO Box 25759 is linked to the company Dynamic Recovery Solutions.

If you have received mail from PO Box 25759 in Greenville, South Carolina, it may have been delivered by Dynamic Recovery Solutions.

Using the contact details listed below, you can get in touch with Dynamic Recovery Solutions directly.

Address: 135 Interstate Blvd

Greenville, SC 29615

Telephone: (844) 735-9451

Website: www.gotodrs.com

What sort of company is Dynamic Recovery Solutions?

A debt collection company called Dynamic Recovery Solutions makes money off of outstanding consumer and business debts. Debt collection services act on behalf of businesses, calling about past-due bills and others buying debt from these businesses for a low price.

The debt collection business, Dynamic Recovery Solutions, LLC, was established in 2008 and has its corporate office in Greenville, South Carolina.

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Dynamic Recovery Solutions helps businesses in a wide range of fields, like finance, retail, telecommunications, healthcare, education, legal services, and real estate, get their money back.

Dynamic Recovery Solutions specializes in providing the following debt collection services:

  • Collection (both before and after charge-off)
  • Skip-trace (finding people who owe debts)
  • Customer service solutions
  • Services for bilingual collection
  • Services for letters
  • Analytics and reporting

When the initials “DRS” appear on your credit report, they also stand for Dynamic Recovery Solutions.

What does Dynamic Recovery Solutions collect for?

Companies in the following sectors choose Dynamic Recovery Solutions to collect their debts:

  • Online lending and banking
  • Telecommunications
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Utilities services
  • Legal assistance
  • Property
  • Healthcare

Some of the debts that DRS collects include the following:

  • Card-related debt
  • Phone charges
  • Student debt
  • Auto loans
  • One returned check
  • Utility invoices
  • Medical expenses

 Additionally, Dynamic Recovery Solutions buys debt from additional debt collectors.

Is Dynamic Recovery Solutions Trying to Sue You?

If you received a letter in the mail from them, it’s doubtful that they are suing you. Dynamic Recovery Solutions may have someone serve you documents at your door in debt collection lawsuits.

However, Dynamic Recovery Solutions has a reputation for being very litigious. Because of this, we often tell customers to use Ascend’s free calculator to learn more about their options.

Your creditors or debt collection companies may start following you if you have fallen behind on your payments in an effort to persuade you to make payments. This may take a more aggressive turn over time. This usually starts with a lot of phone calls, but it can lead to collection requests in person, wage garnishments, and even a lawsuit.

Is Dynamic Recovery Solutions a scam?

It’s not a scam; it’s Dynamic Recovery Solutions. They belong to the Receivables Management Association International and are an authorized debt collection agency (RMAI). 5

However, claims against Dynamic Recovery Solutions for allegedly unethical behavior have recently surfaced. As an illustration, they were a party to a class-action lawsuit for abusive debt collection techniques in 2018. 6

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Despite the fact that Dynamic Recovery Solutions is not a fraud, con artists may contact you under their guise. Prior to making any payments, confirm the debt if you’ve been approached about it.

How and when to remove Dynamic Recovery Solutions from your credit report?

PO Box 25759
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There are three ways to repair your credit if debt from Dynamic Recovery Solutions is harming it:

1.Contest the debt with all three credit reporting agencies.

You should dispute the entry on your credit report if you believe the debt linked with Dynamic Recovery Solutions on it is false (for example, if you paid it off in full or it belongs to someone else). Debts that are older than 7 years (counted from the date of your first missing payment) can also be contested, but, by law, they must be removed from your credit record before that time.

To dispute a debt for free, send a credit dispute letter to the credit reporting agencies that show Dynamic Recovery Solutions on your credit report.

2. Negotiate with Dynamic Recovery Solutions.

If the debt is valid and less than 7 years old, it will be hard to get Dynamic Recovery Solutions off of your credit report, but it’s not impossible.

The best course of action for you right now is to settle the loan. Because paid-off collection accounts are no longer taken into account by more recent credit scoring models, paying off your collection will raise your credit score even if you can’t get rid of the item.

Still, as a last-ditch effort to get Dynamic Recovery Solutions off your credit report, you can use the following two negotiation strategies when you pay:

  • Pay for deletion: If you can get Dynamic Recovery Solutions to take out the bad review in exchange for paying off the debt, that might work. You can start these discussions by submitting a pay-for-delete letter to the other party.
  • Goodwill deletion: You can use this alternative strategy after you have paid off your loan.Once the account is paid off, you can send Dynamic Recovery Solutions a letter of goodwill asking them to understand your situation and remove the mark from your credit report as a sign of goodwill.

3. Give Dynamic Recovery Solutions 7 years to leave your credit report.

Unfortunately, following your first missed payment, the majority of collection accounts will stay on your credit record for 7 years. Your debt to Dynamic Recovery Solutions will continue to appear on your credit record even after you pay it off.

PO Box 25759
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Is Dynamic Recovery Solutions are subject to limitations?

Dynamic Recovery Solutions must follow the guidelines outlined in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act when attempting to collect payments from you. A federal law says that debt collectors can’t harass you or take advantage of you in an unfair way, like by telling you lies or calling you a lot or at odd times.

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Representatives of Dynamic Recovery Solutions must also abide by the guidelines outlined in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. It’s a good idea to become familiar with these regulations so that you can hold Dynamic Recovery Solutions accountable if they break any of them.

Should you pay Dynamic Recovery Solutions?

If you are positive that the debt is yours and that you owe it, you should only pay a collection agency like Dynamic Recovery Solutions. If your money is tight and you can’t pay the debt collector, you can get help from a non-profit credit counselor. 

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