Neighbor Claims Survey Is Wrong

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What to do if I disagree with a surveyor or disagree with my neighbor’s survey?

If your neighbor claims this, what you want to do is just talk to the surveyors. Have them explain what neighbor saying and get an explanation. Because you know surveyors try to do things and surveyors do things by the book. If this happens to you first call your attorney before discussing with your neighbor. Just call attorney and get an idea. That’s it. Don’t need to go to the court in this stage. Next discuss with your neighbor about the issue and try to come up with mutual agreement. If that didn’t happen well, Its best to visit your and continue with the legal work.

Why this happens?

This happens when adjacent land owner just didn’t agree with the surveyors’ work out there and it happens the majority of the time.

Almost all the time actually what the issue is, it doesn’t end up like the landowner one of the landowners or the other it doesn’t end up the line doesn’t end up being where they expected it to and so their expectations are not being met and so that just causes a little bit of you know heartburn over that and it’s understandable.

One of the situations that i know was talking with a person and they were convinced that their neighbor had paid the surveyor to move the line over onto them to take some of their property.

Neighbor say survey is wrong

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How can two land surveys be different?

The state requires surveyors to file records and information on controlling section corners for when we’re out working. so surveyors can perpetuate these controlling section corners, which dictate where people’s property lines run and so surveyors use the same information and so it’s going to be very unlikely that one surveyor is going to go out and have a major disagreement with another surveyor. Because surveyors all use the same controlling data and information. So sometimes, you know surveyors make a mistake or have a bad reading or you know something that’s not intentional happens and sometimes surveyors can have that brought to light and that happens. It’s rare. but it happens sometimes.

But if you just find a disagreement or it’s just not meeting your expectations, go get an explanation. All of the surveyors are good quality folks and they would be glad to sit down and explain to you what’s going on.

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