Need To Sell House Fast For Cash? Wait! Read This

sell house fast sell house for cash

Sell House Fast: The idea that you don’t have to wait months to list and close on your house appeals to many stressed-out sellers, as a growing number of organizations deliver cash offers for homes and improve seller experiences with new technologies.

Divorce, a job move, or not having enough money in the bank could all be good reasons to choose the speed and convenience of a cash sale.

“You make a phone call or answer some questions online, agree to an offer, and then it’s no longer anything you have to worry about,” says Doug Van Soest, the owner of a property flipping business in Southern California. You’ll also save money on commissions, repairs, and closing costs, says the author.

If it all sounds too good to be true, or you’re unsure what selling for cash entails, we’re here to guide you through the most common questions and stumbling blocks.

What does “sell my house fast for cash” imply?

When you sell house fast for cash, you get similar benefits as when you trade in your old automobile at a dealership when you buy a new one. Sure, if you sold it yourself, you’d make a little more money. However, it would most certainly take longer – and would necessitate further effort on your part. You’d have to do minor repairs, market it on Craigslist, schedule test drives for possible buyers, and handle all of the paperwork yourself.

To translate this into real estate terms, selling a house for cash looks like this:

1. Make an offer.

You bypass the staging and showings and move right to the offer request. You can now specify whether you’re selling “as is,” which means you have no plans to make any repairs or changes to the house, or whether you’re willing to make any repairs.

2. The house is assessed

The buyer will gather information about the home, potentially send a representative to the property for an onsite visit, and decide how much they are willing to pay.

3. Look over the contract.

Then, as the seller, you have to look at the offer, including the price and terms of the contract, and decide if you want to accept it or not.

4. Demand proof of funding.

Always get proof that a person or corporation is who they claim they are and that they have the means and resources to conduct a deal of this magnitude.

5. Extensive examination

If the purchase goes through, the cash buyer may still be responsible for inspections and appraisals, depending on who you engage with and how they operate. An examination may be required even if you’re selling “as is.”

6. Go straight to the end.

If a lender is not involved, there will be no lender-ordered appraisal or loan processing period. According to research by Ice Mortgage Technologies, the average duration to close a house purchase loan was 54 days as of December 2021. A cash buyer, on the other hand, can close in as little as ten days to two weeks.

7. Include a clear title.

A title search will be required by the cash buyer to ensure that the property is free and clear of any liens or judgments against it, such as mechanic’s liens, unpaid taxes, or boundary encroachments.

8. You are compensated

The funds will most likely be wired to your bank account by the cash buyer in a process that could take weeks or even days.

Finally, sell house fast for cash does not imply that someone will show up at your door carrying a briefcase full of hundred-dollar bills.Official stages will still need to be completed, and snags such as a title flaw may occur. When your buyer doesn’t have to wait for their loan to be underwritten or processed by the lender, you can usually arrange for a much faster transaction.

Sell House Fast: Are cash-for-home businesses legit?

Need To Sell House Fast For Cash? Wait! Read This

In short, yes; there are many legitimate companies out there that will buy your property for cash, offer you a positive experience, and keep their promises. But before you give any sensitive information, sign a contract, or pay any money to a buyer, you should always do your homework on them.

Examine their BBB rating.

Make sure you work with a Better Business Bureau (BBB) member, regardless of the sort of house-buying company you choose. Examine the number of good reviews and how quickly issues are addressed. (HomeLight, which makes cash offers through our Simple Sale platform, has over 500 BBB reviews with a 5-star rating on average.)

Request proof of funds and an EMD.

Shaun Simpson, a leading real estate agent in Columbus, Ohio, who’s helped a number of clients navigate cash sales, recommends asking for official proof of funds from the buyer’s bank and confirming that they can provide adequate earnest money, the deposit that represents a buyer’s commitment to a sale. “You should have no trouble placing a 2-3 percent deposit into earnest money if you’re buying a $500,000 house that’s anticipated to close in a week,” he says.

If necessary, seek the advice of an agent.

A seasoned real estate agent will likely know who’s who in the local cash buyer market and can help you avoid being taken advantage of.

“A lot of investors are contacting homeowners directly to try to buy their house for cash,” says Brian Breeckner, a top-selling real estate agent in Columbus, Ohio, who, like Simpson, is located there. “You can always speak to an experienced local real estate agent and seek their opinion to make sure a buyer is legitimate or that they’re making a good offer based on the value of your home.”

Why don’t you try ‘We Buy Houses’?

Are “We Buy Houses For Cash®” companies legitimate? You’ve probably seen adverts for them. The answer is yes if you contact any of the company’s genuine 1,150 franchises in 47 states and 170 markets across the country. The company, which specializes in flipping decaying houses, has purchased over 100,000 homes and is well-known in the cash purchasing industry.

However, do your homework before working with any investor associated with this brand, which is known for its shaggy-haired cavemen and yellow billboards. We’ve put up a whole guide on the history of the We Buy Ugly Houses® firm if you want to learn more about it.

Who will pay cash for your house?

Cash buyers or house purchasing firms, as a group, are persons or entities who purchase your home outright and without the requirement for lender financing. In general, selling your house to a cash buyer helps you to avoid the headaches of home preparation, showings, and staging while also allowing you to schedule a more flexible closing date to coincide with the purchase of your next property. However, not all cash buyers operate under the same business model. We’ve categorized these purchasers into a few major groups that you’re likely to face nowadays to make things simple.

Sell house fast: Simple Sale, for example, is an online house-selling platform.

HomeLight offers you a competitive all-cash offer to buy your property on your schedule with Simple Sale. Tell us a little about your home and when you need to sell to get started. We’ll make you a full cash offer after gathering basic information, and you can close in as little as 10 days.


Instant purchasers (iBuyers) are a sort of house-buying company. iBuyers first appeared in the mid-2010s, and they make competitive offers on properties in better condition using automated valuation models (AVMs). Opendoor, Offerpad, and Redfin Now are a few examples. iBuyers pay a higher price for a home than flippers or buy-and-hold investors, but they levy a 5% service fee. Because iBuyers generate less profit per flip, their business relies more on turning over a large number of homes while employing technology to expedite processes.

Investors that buy and hold

Investors who buy and keep homes often turn them into rental units. When a property’s value has increased sufficiently, these buyers may sell it. Other times, they keep it for an indeterminate period of time.

Individual investors who acquire and rent out houses for passive income fall into this category. On a larger scale, institutional investors buy at least 10 rental properties each year. Invitation Homes, a Blackstone affiliate that works in 16 markets across America, is the best example.

An ATTOM Data Solutions study from January 2022 says that institutional investors bought 6.9% of all single-family homes and condos in the fourth quarter of 2021. This is the highest percentage since 2013.

When you sell to a buy-and-hold investor, you may set your own closing dates and will almost certainly obtain a greater price than if you sell to a house flipper.

Flippers of real estate

When you hear the term “home flippers,” you might think of media darlings Chip and Joanna Gaines or your remodeling-obsessed uncle. Flippers buy properties—sometimes in inferior condition and at a cheaper price—with the purpose of renovating them and reselling them for a higher price, whether they are a small mom-and-pop enterprise or a larger corporation.

“The minimal return on investment varies based on factors such as the market and the condition of the home, but we normally want a 10% return on a purchase to justify the risk,” Van Soest adds.

While most flippers’ desire to restore and resell their property as soon as possible, the actual time it takes to get a home ready to list can vary. Contractors and subcontractors, for example, are highly busy in the current strong sellers’ market, so the ordinary home is taking twice as long to fix up. Because housing prices are still rising, Van Soest is fine with it.

94,766 homes and condos were flipped in the third quarter of 2021, accounting for 5.7 percent of all home sales, according to ATTOM Data Solutions.

What makes someone want to sell home for cash?

According to Van Soest, speed, convenience, peace of mind, and financial motivation are among the reasons a growing number of sellers are turning to cash buyers. Here are some examples of how each of these reasons may apply to your situation.


•You’re relocating for a job and must arrive by a specified date.

•You’d rather avoid the possibility of a low appraisal.

• You don’t have time to hire professionals and make major repairs.

• You are hesitant to accept an offer with numerous conditions.

Convenience and speed

• You inherited a house that you’ve never seen before and may be far from.

You don’t want house preparation, staging, or showings to cause you any inconvenience.

•You have a rental property that is either troublesome or occupied.


•You require funds in order to make a down payment on your dream home.

•You lack the financial means to make critical repairs.

•You’re on the verge of losing your home.

• To get out of debt, you’ll need money.

Take, for example, Sam and Cathy, a couple from Northern California who were planning to retire. Plan A was to fix up their condo and sell it on the open market, they told HomeLight in an interview. They decided to sell to a cash bidder instead of doing the legwork after attempting to hire contractors to perform repairs and renovations. They expected to lose a lot of money on the sale, so they were surprised to receive a near-market-value offer and consummate the deal in just 20 days.

What kind of value does a cash buyer bring?

In other words, what do you gain from working with a cash-paying buyer that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise? The primary advantages of this type of arrangement are outlined below.

Closing as soon as possible

If your buyer needs to take out a loan, they—and you—are bound by the lender’s terms, which are usually at least six weeks. Because lenders aren’t involved, all-cash purchases close rapidly. Furthermore, a cash buyer’s offer isn’t contingent on your home’s value growing at a set level. After prices went up quickly, real estate transaction data shows that assessed values and contract prices are getting more and more out of sync.

Flexible move-out options

A cash sale often gives you lots of wiggle room, whether you want to move next week or stay there for a few months. This is related to the steps you can skip in a cash transaction. “You gain a lot of flexibility on your closing date with cash since you’re not depending on a third party to approve things like a loan or appraisal,” Simpson adds.

That requires less upkeep.

When you ask for a cash offer, you won’t have to worry about keeping your house pristine for weeks or scheduling a flurry of showings. Furthermore, you have the option of selling your house “as is” and forgoing pre-listing projects such as roof repairs, painting, and landscaping. With a cash sale, you can decide how much work you want to put in, but typical buyers will have higher expectations about how your home should look.

Savings on expenditures

Many common home-selling expenses, such as repairs, curb appeal projects, staging, and fees, can be avoided with a cash offer, which acts as a counterweight to any price reduction you may obtain. According to our research, the average cost of selling a home the traditional way is $31,000.

What are the drawbacks to selling your home for cash?

If what you’ve read so far has persuaded you to sell for cash, congratulations! However, before rushing into a cash transaction, it’s critical to grasp the drawbacks.

Reduced cost

In exchange for a faster, less stressful sale, you may receive less money for your house. How much less depends on a variety of factors, including the type of buyer you’re selling to, where you live, and how well your home is maintained. Even though iBuyers are increasingly making competitive offers on properties, their fees will still eat into your profit margin.

Repairs aren’t completely off the hook.

One of the most appealing aspects of selling to a cash buyer is that they will take care of any necessary repairs rather than you. While you won’t have to pay for repairs yourself, you could have to accept a reduced property price. In most cases, before finalizing your offer, a house-buying company calculates how much it will need to spend on repairs and deducts that cost from their offer.

Negotiation is more difficult.

When you put your house on the market, you’ll almost certainly get multiple offers. They may already consider your property to be their new home and envision themselves living there, which might help you negotiate a better price. There are usually no heart chords to pluck with cash purchasers-it’s just business.

What is the price paid by cash buyers?

Various investors and house-buying organizations will offer different prices for a home.

Depending on the condition, price point, and location of your home, it may be more appealing to some cash buyers than others. Most real estate buyers have a “buy box” that they use to specify the types of properties that are most valuable to them. As a result, even among purchasers who can pay immediately, the “value” of your home will vary.

The 70 percent guideline, for example, is frequently used by flippers. According to the guidelines, a flipper should spend 70% of a home’s after-repair value (ARV) on repairs. Because they prefer newer homes in good shape, iBuyers pay closer to market value — and, increasingly, match or exceed it. They charge a service fee, but in today’s seller’s market, these fees can be much lower.

Investors who buy and hold fall somewhere between flippers and iBuyers. They typically pay more than flippers but less than iBuyers with the goal of making an 8 to 12 percent profit.

According to Van Soest, “the discounted price someone should expect for a cash sale varies greatly.” “The cleaner the house, the better the neighborhood, and the fewer issues a house has, the more likely you are to receive an offer that is closer to market value.” “The smaller the offer, the more complications the buyer has to cope with.”

Sell House Fast: How long does it take for a cash buyer to complete the transaction?

Getting past the final stumbling block in a typical sale—ensuring that the buyer’s financing is in place—can be a nightmare. In today’s market, the average time to close a purchase loan is over 50 days, which equates to nearly two months of waiting.

Buyers who pay cash, on the other hand, are much more flexible. A cash-for-homes company will typically show you proof of finances for the amount they’re ready to offer and can close in as little as a week to ten days.

Sell House fast Sell House fast Sell House fast Sell House fast Sell House fast Sell House fast

Is it a good idea to sell house fast for cash?

If speed, convenience, and certainty are important to you, selling your home for cash may be the best option.

“As a seller, sell house fast… one of the most important things you want to do is remove all of the doubts about your sale, and cash can help you do that,” Simpson says. “The greatest poker chip is cash because it offers you a lot of leverage.” You just have to be aware that when it comes to negotiating, a cash buyer may not have the same issues as a typical buyer. “

Still on the fence about it? Our Simple Sale platform provides a no-risk method to try it out. Simply fill out a few details about your home online, and we’ll make you a cash offer within 48 hours. You can then pick whether or not you want to continue with the Your house will be sold in a matter of weeks, and you’ll be able to move on with your life.

One thing is certain: cash-for-homes companies aren’t going away anytime soon. And they’re gaining traction among a range of sellers, not just distressed ones.

“IBuyers and other cash-buying companies, in my opinion, will continue to become more common,” Van Soest predicts. “With the advancement of technology, it is becoming easier and easier to sell a home remotely.” COVID-19, for example, has influenced vendors’ willingness to sell to iBuyers by removing the need for a lot of direct communication. And, he adds, if your home is in excellent condition and is located in a desirable neighborhood, you may be able to receive a better deal than you expected.

Our objective at WhaleGrows is to create a world in which every real estate transaction is simple, secure, and gratifying. As a result, we insist on strict editorial integrity in all of our articles.

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