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The world of money lending is constantly changing, and the Finance Industry rules are filled with minefields that makes it difficult to find the right loan for your needs.

Over a 5+ year banking career as a “business lender”, I remember the day a middle-aged man sat down at my Gold Coast desk and said, “help me to stop worrying about money”.

And, since that day, with all the loans I have put together, that remark still captures what lies beneath nearly every loan application I’ve dealt with.  So, when I finally decided to no longer be at the mercy of money lending institutions, I set up Whalegrows.

There was one over-riding principle that as a Finance Broker I worked towards.  Anyone approaching me for financial advice would get reliable help inside a wide range of “lending products”.  And these products must provide a down-to-earth, easily explained solution that would help the borrower to …

  • grow his/her business
  • create financial security
  • work towards independence
  • find freedom from money worries

Flexibility became the foundation on which the business or home loan package must be built on.

Because the only way you can put together a loan that works on all levels is to be as transparent as possible with everything about your loan.

Here are some of the financial areas I work in …

  • 1. Home purchase and refinancing of existing home loans
  • 2. Vehicle finance & insurance
  • 3. Investment finance
  • 4. Personal finance for purchases and debt consolidation
  • 5. Financing for your business needs including property purchases, cash flow and equipment funding with a range of products
  • a. Term loan
  • b. Overdraft
  • c. Equipment Finance
  • d. Debtor Finance
  • e. International Trade Finance

If you would like more information about your intended loan, or just to have a chat about any money-lending concern..

Mobile : (510) 426-5717‬

EDU : https://independent.academia.edu/LEATRAWILLIAMS