Is Atlis Motors a Good Investment 2023

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We’re going to be talking about Atlis motors. The stock has had a crazy couple of days rallying over 200 in a single day. Which is a crazy thing to happen.

What is Atlis Motors?

Now for those of you that don’t know what Atlis Motors is, it’s an electric car manufacturer and they’re a battery development company. and over the past couple of days they’ve seen extreme volatility. going up over 200 and then down today about 30 percent for the stock price. Now why did this happen .Now the company came out and they made a battery with over two gigawatt hours for their customers. which is a crazy thing and this is a huge step for the company.

Faster charging

Atlis Motors, their overall game plan is to create a battery for one of their trucks because that’s what they’re planning on selling. But they want to create a battery that charges in 15 minutes or less and it has a range of up to 500 Miles. Which let me tell you one of the biggest issues with electric cars is how slow those batteries take to charge. you’re looking at anywhere from about 30 to 45 minutes to get a full charge like a Tesla. Now this is the biggest drawback with a lot your cars

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This is a major step for the company in the industry as a whole. and they plan on selling these battery packs to other companies whether it’s other automobile companies or it’s other different types of commercial you know companies that need batteries.

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Now there are a lot of issues as a whole with Atlis Motors. The company is not profitable and you know Burns through quite a bit of cash. but you have to realize a company like this is a growth stock. They’re funded by investors as of right now and hope to create a product that sells and then they can become profitable. so I think that though this is a huge step for the company and the industry as a whole.

So if they can create a battery that charges fast I’m telling you the tides are changing and this is going to be a huge huge thing for the electric auto space.

Should you buy it

For me Atlis Motors does carry some potential. but overall it does carry some risk. The biggest issue right now with this company is the volatility. of how quick this thing goes up and sells off that’s a high risk, High reward play. for me though I think it’s worth having a couple of shares of it. I’m keeping it under one percent of my portfolio. What that means is for every hundred dollars I have invested into other stocks, assets, bonds, and ETFs, I’ll put about a dollar into this.

It takes companies decades to create companies. You know look at Apple, Google, Amazon, all those companies they weren’t built overnight. Rome wasn’t built overnight.

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