Is ANKR Crypto A Good Investment?

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At the moment ANKR is on $0.04. The ATH is $0.19. But It’s partnered with Microsoft and that’s very strong news. My price prediction is, in 2025 if it goes parabolic move, ANKR will climb up to about $0.6. This is just my personal opinion. Not a financial advice. So its a solid crypto investment

ANKR had good partnership with Microsoft

Microsoft partnered up with anchor (ANKR)to offer enterprise node services and. That is what Anchor’s really all about. Really providing nodes or RCP service points to the masses right. but partnering with Microsoft is interesting. because this is specifically created for Enterprises for other people that want to get involved with blockchain and maybe create in their own projects. Web 3.0 games, you know. The possibility is endless .Maybe Microsoft is going to make it so that you can come out with your own chat GPT node.

But it’s a big partnership I believe. especially for anchor, because they’re a relatively small project .They have been kind of like they used to be, really like a staking project. but they have really expanded beyond that they really call themselves a web 3.0 infrastructure project. Because they do offer many web 3.0 things. For example they do have something called app change, which allows projects to basically come out with their own blockchain really quickly and offer their own tokens and have validators and stuff like that really really quickly.

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Its still fresh project

It’s very new because, they only have like two apps on there right now right. But this is what they’re about. Basically getting people involved with web 3.0 and there are basically the node providers. what they’re really known for is this.

Now before, they would just rent out basically hosting space for you to run their nodes. but now it’s different. like you’re basically renting a node from an anchor but that anchor node can talk to  various number of blockchains out there in fact 27 of them. and you get to do remote calls to them and gather information. It’s almost like a chain link built into their node service.

So stuff like that there’s a lot of possibilities there. I said they kind of started out being known as a staking project. They do have a lot of staking liquid staking that allows you to participate in you know like ethereum. For example you could liquid stake and get something in return like a synthetic version of eth. but also for several other chains like polygon, binance, phantom, avalanche, polka dot, Etc. so that’s the ANKR in a nutshell.

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