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In this article, I will show you how I made good online money by using Fiverr and Craigslist Raleigh NC. So let’s start.

This is something you could do as soon as tomorrow by implementing my strategy. I’ve designed my strategy to the point where even a 10 year old with a laptop can start making money with this.I call it the Craigslist middleman strategy. have you heard of it probably not. That’s because this is the latest strategy in the market and almost no one is doing this. That means that there is no saturation and that this opportunity shouldn’t be taken for granted.

What is Fiverr?

Let’s start with the first one, Fiverr. Fiverr is a Marketplace full of overseas designers that can quite literally do anything from websites to apps to logos. I’m literally talking about anything that involves design work. These people on Fiverr are tremendously talented and get things done very quickly and more professionally than some of the work I’ve seen here in the states. they’re amazing. Where am I going with this? Why do I need to know this? So on Fiverr the cool thing is that these designers are from India, Pakistan, Asia and all these foreign countries. and what we know about these foreign countries is that the US dollar goes a lot farther than it does here. like for example if a fancy dinner costs fifty dollars here in the states it could cost up to five dollars there. The labor in these countries is 10times what it is in the US.

Make money with Craigslist Raleigh NC

So on Fiverr these design gigs cost next to nothing. Which means a 10-page website that you can charge up to twenty five hundred dollars here in the states will only cost you 150 to 250 dollars in labor overseas on Fiverr. same thing with logos. you can charge up to 500 and then labor 25. you’re taking home around 90 profits. and I’ve made it so easy to get customers.

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What is Craigslist

Now your next question is where do I get these customers? where do I find these people

Who wants a website? Now this is where Craigslist comes in. And if you’re not familiar with Craigslist it’s basically a website that you could post services locally. Just to give you a little insight on how I do it, I use Craigslist to post in the service section across cities that I don’t even live in. actually multiple cities in the US are more like 20 plus cities. when you post in multiple cities the eyes on your Craigslist listing is 10 times what it would have been generated locally. generating more traction and possibilities for clients to contact you. I then speak to these individuals that see my ad on Craigslist for a website or logo design.

Once I have a client I close a client at thousands of dollars for these high ticket design work jobs like logo and website design. and once I have the money in my account from the customer I go to Fiverr and purchase the order for 50 to 100 bucks and they literally do all the labor for the design job. While the designer on Fiverr is doing all the work, I attend classes, go for a workout, enjoy my week, do my current job or schooling and finally when the designer delivers the product on Fiverr, I send it to my clients. This is why it’s called the Craigslist middleman strategy, pretty cool right.

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