Craigslist Eugene : How To Make Money

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I’m gonna show you guys exactly how you can make a thousand dollars per day from craigslist Eugene. No. you don’t have to scam anybody, none of that nonsense stuff. I’m gonna show you legit how to make a thousand bucks per day. super super easy. But for this you need to have basic understanding about digital marketing or IT. Because we’re selling IT related stuff.

Make money with Craigslist Eugene

Lets start with Craigslist Eugene

  1. So all you have to do is post something on craigslist for free. you don’t have to pay any money to post on craigslist. Once you get a reply back from your potential customer you have to send something back. then you can grab 500 to 1 000 every single day legit. 
  2. The first thing that you’ll do is you’ll go to craigslist right, so i’m on Eugene craigslist. you’ll go to your city craigslist or you can try any city that you want. It does not have to be your home city or home state.
  3. So click on “create posting”. i’m gonna click “Eugene”, click on “community”. Next click on “volunteers” Then you’re gonna type up “let me SEO audit your website for free”. 
  4. In the description,” I would love to seo audit your website for Free. please reach out to me with your website url and an email or phone number to send you the report. I will add my recommendations as well”.
  5. So and then the reason you want their own email and their phone number, so you can contact them directly. but if you have their domain, their website obviously you can figure that out as well.
  6. Then you need to verify your craigslist account, set a password, and accept terms and conditions. you can add images if you want to. Next all you need to do is click on publish
  7. So once you get their domain name you have a couple of options so you need to go ahead and create them some sort of report. You can use Google doc for that. For this example, you can visit “google page speed checker” and paste the website you got. Then it will show your page speed and all you want to do is, take some screenshots and say “hey (whatever their name is). Website is not loading fast enough because it says largest content, heavy images and lot of heavy codes and plugins. But if you’re interested to fix those errors and rank on Google, i can help you. love to fix it to you for just five hundred dollars” Depending on the work
  8. Once they say okay, you’re gonna go to Fiverr and start to search “fix website speed” and then so many people will help you here. Hire someone with low package like $10. Now you know what to do.. Pass the details to Fiverr worker, when they deliver the work, pass that to the client, when they accept, take the money, pay the Fiverr guy, keep the profit.

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Now you can do the same thing with a couple of other ways too. you can also go ahead and do copywriting audits. You can do design audits and things like that. So this way you can get free leads and then you can go ahead and see if you can convert them.

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