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Today I’m going to show you one of the easiest ways to make money online from Craigslist Buffalo Ny. I’m going to show you where you can find clients and do their work if you don’t have any experience about digital marketing or SEO.

Create a listing on craigslist Buffalo Ny

So the first thing you need to do is find clients. so what you need to do you need to come here on craigslist. now if you live in India, Philippines, Germany, Brazil or whatever you need to find the classified ads website in your country and then apply this method in your own country. but I’m here on craigslist Buffalo City in New York State. So what you need to do is, create a posting to create a new post. Then click “community” and then you need to click on “volunteers”. Because I’m actually going to offer my service totally free. and stay with me. I’m going to show you how we will actually make money by offering this free service. So first thing i need to do i need to add a title like  “free website help”. Then add your preferred city or a neighborhood. Now I would suggest choosing smaller cities because competition in those cities is not that big and it’s not that strong. so it is much easier so let’s just say for example, Buffalo NY. You need to add a postal code. Now I already have the postal code for Buffalo NY & then you need to add a description of what I’m actually going to offer for free to these people. “If you need help with your website I will check your website and see what is good and what is what you need to fix. I will do it completely free of charge.”

People love free services

So there are many people who have small websites but they have issues with their website and when they see that you are actually offering free help they will hire you okay. To help them to fix those issues.

So what you need to do next you need to add your contact info like your email. Then add an image now. you need to add a catchy image. then click publish and publish your ad. 

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What to do after finding client?

Make money from Craigslist Buffalo Ny

So this is what you need to do to find clients. but what when a client actually contacts you what you need to do? you need to tell them to send you a url of their website. And after they do that then what you need to do you need to go on this website “seop timer”. You can get an audit report of the client website for free. After taking that report, you will see some issues or errors with that website. If you need a good premium report, you can hire one from fiverr.

Next you need to send that audit report to the client and  what you can do is, you can actually offer your client to fix these issues for them. You can also fix some things that are good but they need to be better. So you can offer to do that for fifty dollars and because it is not that expensive and they need that to be fixed they will actually pay you to do that. and not just that but you can actually add them to your mailing list and you can do upsells and downsells, you can make them your permanent client. you can actually ask them if you wish for me to maintain your website and you can charge $100 or 200 per month and like I said, it is not that expensive. so most people will accept because you already fixed some things on their website and it works really really well. 

What if you don’t have experience in SEO?

So if you don’t have any experience with websites you have another way.. After client okay with fixing issues, all you need to do is hire someone from fiverr for cheap. There are lot of people in fiverr offering SEO issues and website issues. You send the order to them and keep the profit.. Isn’t that simple?

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