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Securespend – Don’t use this card!

This is why I can no longer recommend you purchase a Securespend prepaid debit card or gift card. Securespend terrible customer service When I called their customer care representative phone number, unfortunately the phone number connects you to a person in India that is working on a farm. I kid you not!. I heard the […]

CosmoProf Credit Card

reward card

With CosmoProf credit card you can save 3% every time when you shop at CosmoProf. In the first time use, you will receive $20 off for your $50 order. This reward credit card is for mainly makeup artists, stylists and estheticians who shop regularly. Another benefit is that you will earn reward points from every purchase […]

Money Gurus Disprove 7 Getting Rich Quick Myths

Getting Rich

If you glance through your social media feeds, at least one advertisement claiming to know the key to instant wealth will be visible. These ads may be alluring, but their purpose is to entice people who are trusting or desperate enough to take a gamble. Unfortunately, for most people who excel at it—short of winning […]

The Fed May Avoid Inflicting Additional Harm After All.

The Fed May Avoid Inflicting Additional Harm After All

Even a stock market downturn can not endure indefinitely. However, just because a market stops falling does not imply that it will continue to increase. Last week, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite both ended seven-week losing streaks, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average ended an eight-week losing streak with its best weekly performance since […]

Bitcoin Pristine Collateral

Bitcoin Pristine Collateral

Michael Saylor and MicroStrategy have pioneered a modern dual strategy for public firms, consisting of an enterprise strategy and a treasury plan. In an effort to enhance income and profitability, the firm continues to market business intelligence software. MicroStrategy is simultaneously pursuing a treasury management strategy based on the acquisition of as much bitcoin as […]

Stocks Archegos Capital Management Gamble

Stocks Archegos Capital Management Gamble

Who Is Archegos Fund Manager Bill Hwang? Tiger Asia’s billionaire founder, a protégé of hedge fund tycoon Julian Robertson, is charged with securities fraud and racketeering. On Wednesday, Bill Hwang, the founder of Archegos Capital Management, and Patrick Halligan, the company’s chief financial officer, were indicted on securities fraud and racketeering charges for what prosecutors […]