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CarShield Class Action Lawsuit

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Yes. CarShield filed lawsuit against the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for their “F” rating and misrepresenting the company and ignores CarShield efforts to address concerns. And also it act as defendant in a class action lawsuit since 2017 due to driver’s privacy protection violation. Why vehicle service contracts? Paying for major car repairs can quickly get very […]

Can a Landlord Charge For Eviction Fees?

Simple answer is yes. It is common that tenant needs to pay filing fees, eviction fees, service fees and attorneys fees. If tenant violated rental agreement, late payments and refused to leave, it is common scenario. Ask from landlord-tenant attorney and he will give detailed explanation. The legal procedure may change from state to state. […]

Neighbor Claims Survey Is Wrong

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What to do if I disagree with a surveyor or disagree with my neighbor’s survey? If your neighbor claims this, what you want to do is just talk to the surveyors. Have them explain what neighbor saying and get an explanation. Because you know surveyors try to do things and surveyors do things by the […]

Is there a statute of limitations on property line disputes?

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Simple answer is yes. There is a statute of limitations on property line disputes. But it depends on the state you’re living. Most cases within three years after the accrual of the cause of action. It is best to talk with reputed attorney. It will be beneficial for you to talk to early as possible. […]