Can You Be Legally Notified By Voicemail?

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So the simple answer is No. A voicemail is not a proper notifying method under the law. It might be a scam too. Lets dive more in detail.

What are voicemail notification?

Voicemail notification is a cost-effective and low-cost approach to ensure that your message is heard. By sending the same message simultaneously to several receivers, it makes dialing every person you want to reach easier.

Much like with personal calls, voicemail notifications can leave a message if the recipient is not able to answer their phone. It can also be used as an interactive service to get your residents, employees, or customers to take part.

Voicemail broadcasting can be utilized for a virtually unlimited number of purposes. It can be used by faith-based organizations to boost event attendance; by non-profit organizations to raise money; and during disasters to immediately connect with emergency services. Due to voicemail broadcasting’s diversity, it is impossible to account for every conceivable circumstance.

Scams rising with fraud voicemail notifications

Various fraud difficulties arise in modern culture with these voicemail notification systems. Most likely, instances like this one will lead to legal intervention in the end. 
Therefore, this article will highlight some of the most important issues raised by the voicemail notification system and offer you some legal guidance to resolve them. Continue reading

Can I be officially notified by voicemail?

This kind of communication is typically sent by debt collectors. Therefore, it appears to be a fraud based on the way this “debt collector” is contacting you—by sending you recorded messages over the phone. Scammers use calls and emails to communicate with their targets in the hopes that they will become alarmed or perplexed and agree to pay them money. Avoid falling for that.

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A call or voicemail message won’t be enough to let you know that a lawsuit has been filed. If you believe you may have been sued, contact the county court where you reside to discover if any complaints have been filed naming you as a defendant. If you are sued, contact a consumer debt collection defense lawyer in your region.

There would never be an “infraction against your name” related to a past-due obligation. An infraction is breaking the law, like not registering your car, or breaking a rule that says you can’t do something, like throwing trash in an unauthorized place.

Can a collector call you and leave a voicemail stating “you have officially been notified”?

A legitimate debt collector will often send you a written demand first, and you have 30 days to respond, classify the obligation, or fight the demand.

This has the odor of a debt collection strategy. You will be personally served with process if a lawsuit has been filed (the lawsuit documents consisting of the petition and a citation from the court informing you that you have been sued). Service of process is the only “formal” notification that matters.

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What a debt collector may say and may not say is governed by the Fair Debt Collection Act. For instance, they cannot claim to be a form of “law enforcement.” Is it possible to state “formally notified”? Although it is in lowyers’ view to approach the line, I believe they can. We believe they cannot contact your employer unless you list them as a reference or a contact number. Nevertheless, you should confirm this with a lawyer who specializes in debt collection law. You should avoid it as a scam if you are unable to phone the number back.

Can you be legally notified by telephone?

You are not required to answer this call. You will receive papers and a case number if they decide to sue you. Debt collectors frequently phone and threaten to sue but never actually do so. If they wish to sue you, they must submit the necessary paperwork to the court, pay the filing fee, and retain counsel. Debt collectors can’t spend money unless they think the debt can be paid back and hasn’t passed its due date.

Never divulge your SSN or any other personal information. There are individuals who attempt to steal identifying information and then sell it online. This is typically a debt collection attempt or another scan for personal data. Please try not to get hurt by this because it’s only meant to hurt you.

Is leaving a voicemail actually legal notice of anything?

Can You Be Legally Notified By Voicemail
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Ignore this frequent and well-known collection tactic and use the online Maryland Judiciary Case Search website instead. You can find any case in Maryland’s District or Circuit Courts.

You could contact them and let them know you are not the person they are looking for if they are attempting to collect a debt owing by the person who previously used your phone number.

Additionally, you could modify your phone number. Ask the phone company what services they offer to restrict calls from unauthorized numbers. If everything else fails, you may speak with a consumer protection lawyer to determine whether the collection practices were unlawful under local, state, or federal law.

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