ATM Machine Investment


How ATM Investment work?

The simplest way I can explain an atm machine business is, you buy a physical atm machine, then you take that machine and you place it inside of a business. So this business could either be a liquor store, a gas station,dispensary. you want to find a business that has a lot of customers because the more customers the more monthly transactions that you’re gonna have. so the more money you’re gonna make at the end of the month.

How to start investing in ATMs?

So once that physical machine is installed at the location, you’re gonna drive to your bank, withdraw a bunch of $20 bills, then take those twenty dollar bills and put them inside of your atm machine. This is our inventory. so our cash that’s inside of the machine is our inventory. So what I like to do is compare it to vending machines. so with vending machines, our inventory is soda, water or if you’re going the food route our inventory is going to be chips, crackers, pretzels. it’s going to be those types of snacks.

But with an atm machine business instead of having snacks, our inventory is going to be cash. So what’s going to happen is, once we install the physical atm and have the cash inside of the machine, we’re going to wait for our customers to come up they’re gonna stick their debit card into our atm. For example, our customer withdraws $100 from the atm. so our customer puts their pin number in and withdraws the hundred dollars and then they walk away. but on the back end, our customer actually has to send us not a hundred dollars, but one hundred dollars plus the fee. and in this case our fee is gonna be three dollars.

ATM investment

How much is the profit?

so our customer is gonna send my bank three dollars. so a hundred dollars for the inventory and three dollars for the fee. so we profited three dollars and if this happens over and over and over again all throughout the month we can make you know as high. I’ve seen it as high as $1500-3000 per machine. But you know the average machine makes about anywhere between three hundred to five hundred dollars on average.

If we have ten of these machines, we can make a significant amount of money every single month just by placing these machines inside of businesses, collecting the fees and then going to our bank and withdrawing the inventory and sticking the cash back into our atms.

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How often am I going and refilling my atms.

Now that depends on you . it depends how much cash you want to put inside of your atm or how much spare cash you have on the side to actually run this business. but i personally like to keep anywhere between two to three weeks inside of my atm. so that way i don’t have to refill my atms you know multiple times a month. because time is money. the more time I spend driving to the bank, withdrawing money,then driving all the way to the location,that’s time wasted. so i want to take as much money as i possibly have and i want to stick it inside of my atms. that way i’m not wasting time driving. I can spend that time trying to find another atm deal and trying to find another business to put my atms in.

What about crypto? what about Bitcoin? 

Well our atms actually are able to buy and sell bitcoin to our customers and i get about a two percent commission on this feature. So if I want my customers to have the ability to buy and sell bitcoin, all I have to do is click a button. it turns the the setting on and i’m able to be basically the middle man

between the company who owns bitcoin and my customer. so they’re gonna pay me about a two percent commission and that’s not paid out in bitcoin. That’s actually paid out to me and basically directly deposited into my bank account.  so it’s not crypto related at all .So I’m not going to get crypto deposits. I’m only going to get those you know direct deposits into my account.

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