Money Gurus Disprove 7 Getting Rich Quick Myths

Getting Rich

If you glance through your social media feeds, at least one advertisement claiming to know the key to instant wealth will be visible. These ads may be alluring, but their purpose is to entice people who are trusting or desperate enough to take a gamble. Unfortunately, for most people who excel at it—short of winning the lottery or inheriting millions—the road to becoming wealthy rapidly isn’t a straight one.

The Stock Market Will Make You Rich Overnight

According to Steve Wilson, a financial expert and the creator of Bankdash, “I think the majority of people think the stock market is the best way to achieve financial success.” Even if this isn’t entirely untrue, it’s unlikely that stocks will instantly make you wealthy. Most people are unaware of the fact that the stock market is profitable over the long term. It won’t immediately make you wealthy.

Wilson also noted that older individuals make up the majority of stock market millionaires.

Their average age is more than 70, which suggests that their money has been accumulated over many years of investments and market growth that has compounded. For this reason, early investment is vital. If you can make the most of your time by saving sensibly and making prudent investments when you’re young, the benefits of compounding can truly have a big influence.

If You Suddenly Become Rich, You’ll Be Happier.

According to Noah Schwab, a CFP with Stewardship Concepts Financial Services, LLC, “Becoming rich rapidly won’t make you a happier person if you have enough money to cover your basics like housing and food.”

“I encounter many wealthy individuals who are not happier than a couple living on a limited income. Your personality will only grow stronger if you become wealthy. If you were giving with money, you will continue to give with money. When you understand that money isn’t the key to happiness, you’ll be even more unhappy than you were before you became wealthy.

An easy way to get rich quickly is to start your own business.

Getting Rich

According to Carter Seuthe, CEO of Credit Summit Consolidation, “Starting your own business can be a way to the flexibility to work how you want and even to decent financial stability, but it is a long, hard path that’s filled with a lot of hazards.”

The author advises: “You need to be ready to work really long hours, learn how to handle dozens of different things, from construction to accounting to real estate deals, and lose everything you worked for if it doesn’t work out.”


Building your own business from the ground up is a wonderful opportunity, but it can also be tough.

Are you ready to start your own business?

Creating your own business is both rewarding and difficult. In addition to securing appropriate funds, time, personal support, and professional support, you must also choose a business structure and consider tax and bookkeeping considerations. Read This >>

Hard Work Alone Is Enough To Make It Happen

Seuthe stated that while perseverance is important for success, it is not sufficient. Being in the right family at birth, attending the appropriate school, being in the right place at the right time to take advantage of possibilities, and having the financial cushion to take risks when opportunities present themselves all depend on luck.

Credit Building Tips creator and financial and asset management expert Shaun Connell concurs.

Connell advised people to consider other aspects of their lives that might have an impact on their income and to make other adjustments in their way of living in addition to working hard to get wealthy. To start making your money work for you, you must spend it deliberately, pay off debt, establish a savings account, and make wise investments. Even if you work three well-paying jobs, your efforts will be in vain if you are not wise with your money.

You Must Attend Ivy League Schools

Getting Rich

Ivy League educations are still predominately accessible to the wealthy, according to Seuthe. Only 34% of legacy candidates are still accepted, while only 6% of non-legacy candidates are accepted.

Realistically, neither getting rich quickly nor in any other way requires a college degree. Many wealthy individuals hold college degrees from institutions other than Ivy League colleges. In fact, many millionaires and billionaires have built successful careers without ever having attended college.

You Have To Be Super Smart or Talented

According to Brian Meiggs, founder of My Millennial Guide, “This myth is perhaps the most harmful of all because it dissuades individuals from ever trying to become wealthy.” The fact is, you don’t need to be brilliant or smart to get wealthy. Building wealth requires perseverance, wise financial planning, and smart investing.

Obtaining Quick Wealth Is Pure Luck

There may be some element of luck involved, but there is much more to it than that.

According to Jenna Carson, financial partner at Money Lucid, “most successful people get there because of consistent work practices, education, money to invest in, and a little bit of luck, unless it’s the wild stories you hear about people being in the right place at the right time.”

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