14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible. The Impossible Becomes Possible In Crypto Industry Also

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I watched the Netflix documentary “14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible” over the weekend. It is based on Nimsdai Purja, a Nepali mountaineer who sets out to summit each of the world’s 8,000+ meter mountains. There are less than 50 people who have ever accomplished this feat and the fastest that anyone had ever done it was just under 8 years.

Nims (as he is affectionally called) creates a plan to summit the 14 highest peaks in the world in just 7 months, which would break the standing world record by a significant margin. I’m not a mountaineering expert, so the thing that caught my attention had little to do with climbing and a lot more to do with how Nims went about his work.

The Nepali climber created “Project Possible” after concocting the idea to attempt a world record time in reaching the 14 summits. Project Possible is exactly what it sounds like — Nims raised money, mortgaged his house, and attempted something that majority of the world thought was impossible. He always knew it was not only possible, but Nims had a deep belief that he would be the person to break the world record.

14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible
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This made me think about the digital revolution that is underway at the moment. Take bitcoin as an example — the idea of a decentralized, transparent central bank that issues digital currency based on a programmatic monetary policy sounds insane…until bitcoin was conceptualized, launched, and has now scaled to a $1+ trillion market cap.

It isn’t just bitcoin though. There are various technologies and products across the industry that continue to prove that anything is possible. But what exactly are we all shooting for?

The goal of climbing the world’s 14 highest mountains in 7 months is breathtaking. People get excited about it. They rally around the climber. They are quite literally cheering him on from around the world.

This is very similar to what I see happening in the crypto industry. People need a new system. That system needs new technology. The goals are audacious and people around the world are enthralled by the challenge. No one knows how far we can take this, but the idea of decentralizing the major institutions of society is worth pursuing.

Add in the fact that a lot of the innovation and technical progress is happening in an open source manner that relies on success being achieved without central coordination or egregious corporate profit-taking. This is the new world. The new frontier.

There are very few humans who have pursued such an audacious plan. New technologies and economic incentives are opening up the possibility for everyone to do it now though.

Just as 14 Peaks will likely inspire millions of people to try something difficult, the bitcoin and crypto industry are inspiring millions of people to improve the world, regardless of whether it is on a local or international level.

Ultimately, I believe these technologies are pushing us towards a more free, sovereign world that will allow individuals to peacefully push back on the increasing encroachment from governments and corporations.

As that occurs, the assets will be digitized and every transaction in your life will become more automated, which drives drastic increases in efficiency and productivity globally.

The mission is inspiring. The technology is superior. And the impossible has become possible.

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